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Replace Decaying or Missing Teeth with Permanent Teeth in a Day

Permanent Teeth in a  Day


When patients lose adult teeth due to an accident, deterioration or decay, the result is an embarrassing gap in the mouth. The only option used to be to have a removable denture, which can lead to difficulty with speech and chewing food. The preferred option is a dental implant, giving the patient the next best thing to a healthy, solid tooth. The process of having an implant can take up to six months, as the bone needs to fuse with a titanium post before the permanent crowns or bridges can be attached. In years past, patients would have to wear an uncomfortable removable denture during this time. Advancements in dental implant technology, now allows for permanent teeth in a day.


The Benefits of Dental Implants


According to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID), there are many benefits to having dental implants.  Because the implants are fused right into the bone, a crown or bridge attached to an implant is strong and stable, making it the next best thing to a natural, healthy tooth.  With proper care, implants can last a life time, making them a better investment over more temporary options, such as removable dentures. Strong implants promote good eating and chewing, protecting the strength and firmness of a healthy jawbone. Other benefits include:


  • Retaining the look of your face and smile, without the sunken look of missing teeth.
  • Being confident about your appearance.
  • Being confident in your speech and eating.
  • Crowns or replacement teeth do not get cavities.
  • Crowns with implants protect the healthy teeth around them.



The Implant Process


The implant process has several stages. First of all, the damaged tooth is removed. Then a titanium post is implanted, taking the place of the previously root. Over the next three to six months, the bone will fuse around the post, making the post strong and solidly fixed in the jaw bone. Next, an abutment, or post extension, is attached to the post which holds the crown or bridge in place. To get the most realistic replacement crowns, an impression will be made of the mouth and remaining teeth. The entire process can take several months, do to needing the gums to heal and for the bone to fuse to the post, a process called osseointegration.



Teeth in a Day


While the bone is healing around the implant, the permanent crowns cannot be attached. In previous years, patients had to either endure the gaps in the mouth or wear a temporary, frustrating, removable denture. However, advances in implantology techniques now allow for a process called "Teeth in a Day” or "All On 4”.  This procedure has the teeth removed, the posts implanted into the bone and a temporary crown and/or bridge fabricated and attached all in the same day. This procedure is only possible in an all-in-one implant clinic, a clinic that offers both surgical and prosthetic treatment capability.



Getting an Assessment


Get an assessment from a dental expert who specializes in implant surgery to see if permanent teeth in a day is the right option for you. Look for a clinic that specializes in implant surgery and has practitioners certified by  The American Board of Oral Implantology.